Microsoft has made a big deal about the capabilities of Project Scorpio and just how easy it is to develop for. However, we weren’t prepared to hear that just a single person from Microsoft’s Xbox Direct 3D team handled porting Forza Motorsport 6: Apex. Matt Lee was the man responsible, and he got Forza 6 running on Scorpio at 4K, 60 frames per second in just two days.

According to Chris Tector, Turn 10’s studio software architect, Lee turned up to the studio with a box of gear, went into a room for two days and came out with the finished product.

“He shows up with a cardboard box full of parts," says Tector to Gamasutra. "It's like, a loose motherboard, the debugging adapters, the drives. And he sets it up on the desk. And it's just like, there's no proper cooling on it, so we just have a fan sitting there. And it's blowing across it, and it vibrates, and the fan starts moving and the whole thing shuts down because the memory overheats was comedy. So we taped the fan to the desk and we kept going and within 2 days, we were already running at 4K resolution 60 FPS."

Lee sequestered himself away in a room and Tector admits he thought it was going to take a number of weeks to get anything playable out of this scenario. The end result was shockingly quick. Even if it's essentially just a resolution bump, the time scale is remarkable, providing a quick indicator of just how easy it could be for developers to patch their current Xbox One titles with Scorpio support.

Microsoft definitely has a beefy box on its hands with Project Scorpio. While the GPU is roughly on par with a Radeon RX 480, the final result is a machine which truly seems capable of native 4K gaming. This is thanks to hardware-based DirectX 12 support as a result of upgrades to its command processor. This makes the Scorpio far more efficient than a like-for-like graphics card, and results in 50% gains when running the new API compared to the Xbox One.

Is the ease of taking advantage of 4K support going to be Project Scorpio’s golden ticket? Or can you see the console still struggling to take advantage of such a high resolution outside of this specific scenario? Let us know your thoughts!

Source: Gamasutra