Micro Machines World Series is gearing up for a launch in June, yet Rockstar is attempting to throw the toys in the trash with the announcement of its Tiny Racers online expansion for Grand Theft Auto V. Grand Theft Auto Online - Tiny Racers is all the twee top-down racing you expect from a Micro Machines, fused with the physics based destruction of GTA V, and the carnage of its Cunning Stunts races.

Aaaand, just like basically anything GTA V, it actually looks pretty damn awesome. Players have access to stripped down versions of the cars, racing hundreds of metres in the sky. An array of power-ups are available, including rockets, parachutes, and machine guns to blow opposing racers away. Considering it’s free it looks absolutely awesome, and I have a suspicion there’s enough tucked in here to tempt players away from a brand new Micro Machines game.

Grand Theft Auto Online - Tiny Racers is coming as free update to GTA 5 on 25th April, for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.