Just a brief one for you now, because I know we all love freebies. There are currently two games available to download right now free of charge and add to your GOG and Origin libraries. The first is Saints Row 2 but you’re going to have to act fast - there’s less than a day left of it being free to download through GOG.

To grab Saints Row 2 all you need to do is log into GOG.com and head to the homepage. Tucked in below the first row of deals for Saints Row IV and Deep Silver is a banner. Click to grab Saints Row 2 now and add it to your library instantly.

The second free game is Syberia II, which is available as part of Origin’s latest On the House deal. This is an absolutely cracking little adventure game with pre-rendered backgrounds and an engrossing story, although I’d probably recommend you play through the original Syberia first if you can.

EA’s Syberia 2 freebie is timed to coincide with the launch of Syberia 3 today, so if you’ve never played the series before then you can save yourself $50 and just play the predecessor for nothing.

To download Syberia 2 you will need an EA Origin account. You can either use the Origin client or just head straight to the site and click “Add to Game Library” underneath Syberia II.