Syberia 3 has become the latest Denuvo protected title to crumble. Having been cracked within just three days of launch by “SomeRandomAnitDenuvoGuy”, Microids has now issued an update to Syberia 3 which totally removes Denuvo anti-tamper tech.

What’s slightly worrying for Denuvo is that the cracked version of Syberia 3 reportedly booted up 40 seconds faster than the protected version.

While Denuvo’s removal wasn’t publicised in the patch notes, users are reporting that it is indeed gone. This is either a mistake on Microid’s part, or it’s opted to cancel its relationship with Denuvo after Syberia 3 was cracked.

The full changelog for the first Syberia 3 patch is as follows:

  • Corrected crash when the game launched
  • Improved performance
  • – On some machines only, the game was a bit jerky throughout. We corrected this problem.
  • Added C++ Redistributable 2010 & 2012 installation
  • Improved how achievements are unlocked
  • Improved voice/sub-title synchronization during certain cut-scenes (all languages)
  • Corrected a problem with the hospital lobby camera, which occasionally locked
  • Added a phrase by Kurk during the attack by the monster on the Krystal.
  • Corrected various display bugs on the Krystal (clipping, etc.)
  • Corrected various bugs in the theme park. Sometimes the stairs were a bit of a problem
  • Improved and corrected atmosphere and lighting
  • Corrected a bug where the music stopped when you went back to the main menu
  • Improved and corrected text in Polish, Korean, and Czech
  • Extended game compatibility with PC controllers (dual sticks)

Yet another bites the dust then. Is Denuvo as reliable as it once was? Or will it come back stronger than ever? Let us know your thoughts!