It’s not often that a game can claim to have literally saved someone’s life, but a user on Imgur has posted photos showing how his special edition copy of the Elder Scrolls Anthology actually stopped a bullet that came through the wall while he was playing Prey. Clearly he’s got a serious Bethesda thing going on.

The user, who goes by the name ‘Velorok’, was sat playing Prey at his computer when he heard a loud pop noise and the sound of breaking glass. It was until he saw the puff of dust emitting from the drywall just behind his monitor that he realised what had happened.

A bullet had torn through the wall of his apartment, lodging itself in his collector’s edition of the Elder Scrolls Anthology. The Anthology itself is a hefty brick of a special edition, cramming in all five Elder Scrolls titles plus their expansions, totalling 10 DVDs. Once Velorok opened it up to survey the damage he saw the bullet itself. The bullet had gone through the end of the special edition and lodged itself in near the spine.

Tragically Tribunal and Bloodmoon lose their lives in the incident, however Oblivion emerged unscathed thanks to being in his disc drive.

You can check out the full gallery in all its glory here. High-end user comments include “Hey at least you didn't take a bullet to the knee” and “SHOT THROUGH THE WALL AND YOUR TO BLAME BETHESDA GIVE THIS MAN A NEW GAMEEE!!!” God bless you internet.