After a few months of being tucked away in Closed Beta, Quake Champions will be available for all to play from this Friday. The large scale tech test will take place from May 12th until May 21st, and players only need to register their interest in the beta in order to guarantee themselves a code for the event.

The beta itself will be a pre-release version of Quake Champions with a limited selection of maps, modes and champions. Unique to this test is the introduction of a new 4v4 team-based competitive mode - Sacrifice. From the sounds of it, this is a domination-type affair, with teams working to control specific areas of the arena.

Alongside the beta, Bethesda has also announced a dropping of the NDA on May 12th. This means players can talk about it, stream it, capture footage, and upload their benchmark results onto GD. This should be an excellent opportunity to see how id Software’s latest looks and runs, particularly after they’ve been keen to tout the ultra-slick 144Hz gameplay.

If you’re interested in the Large Scale Tech Test, you just need to head over to and register to receive a key instantly. This needs to be redeemed and installed in Bethesda’s own launcher. Expect this to be the game which Bethesda uses to shift fans over to its own client once and for all, particularly if it takes off in the eSports arena.