Three or so years ago with the launch of the current crop of consoles, we saw a pretty major bump in system requirements. The sort you don’t often see unless a new generation of consoles comes along to drag the minimum threshold up a bit. Where once we were still getting by with our trusty GeForce GTX 8800’s, now we were forced to effectively throw them in the skip and upgrade.

Fortunately, things have slowed down a little bit lately, but the average system requirements for a AAA title in 2017 are still pretty high. As you can see in the box-out in the top- right, the Average AAA Recommended Requirements are now an AMD FX-8320 / Intel Core i7-2600K, Radeon HD 7970 / GTX 1050 Ti, and 11GB RAM. They’re always going to creep up, but most of us are no longer in 'must upgrade' territory. It’s also interesting to see the recommended specs for graphics cards targeting a 1050 Ti and lower, suggesting AMD’s efforts with its RX 400 series is probably hitting the critical mass. Anything above and beyond this level of performance is only really going to come into play at higher resolutions.

So we’re now 3.5 years into the middle of the eighth console generation, so what better time to see how your builds are holding up against the latest AAA games, and whether the launch of the PlayStation 4 Pro has made any major difference to demands.

I myself have been using an Intel Core i5-4690K, 8GB RAM, and upgraded from a GeForce GTX 750 Ti to a GeForce GTX 970 about two years ago. I’m also currently borrowing a GTX 980 Ti, although at 1080p I struggle to see any major visual or gameplay difference between playing the GTX 970 in the majority of games. The numbers are higher, sure, but I prefer to play with an FPS counter off unless I actually notice a problem. The CPU seems to be holding up great, the only real issue these days seems to be the 8GB RAM. I’m tempted to pick up another stick to keep it chugging along, although a new build sans graphics card is also calling out to me right now.

How are your PCs coping with the strain of the current crop of AAA titles? Any recent games come along which finally have you beaten in terms of performance? Let us know!