E3 is right around the corner, yet the rumour mill is actually still a little quiet. The big publishers seem to have largely kept their secrets to themselves for now, but we can expect some earth-shattering announcements come early June. In preparation, it seems like a worthy use of everyone’s time to identify GD’s wisest sage. The one who can predict the future of gaming like nobody else. We’re starting off with Ubisoft’s E3 2017 press conference, which should be taking place on Monday, June 12th at 6pm PST.

Your mission is simple. Head on down to the comments below and leave your predictions. For every prediction you get right, you gain a point. For every prediction you get wrong, you lose a point. Simple.

These are just for fun, but we’ll collate all of the winners together in an article at the end. Who knows, Nostradamus may indeed walk among us. After the press conferences take place on June 10-11th, just drop me a message on my GD profile if you believe you’ve got a winning score and I’ll see if it checks out.

Now, remember, it’s one point for each correct guess, minus one point for every incorrect guess. Guesses must also be about something we don’t know for sure yet. For example, you can’t guess that EA will show Star Wars Battlefront and Need For Speed 2017, but you could guess Star Wars 1313 is getting re-revealed. You can also guess whether games we already know about are appearing, provided their appearance hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Best of luck, and roll on June 11th!