During EA’s Q1 2018 financial call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed BioWare’s new IP as been delayed and will now not launch until the 2019 fiscal year. This means it will launch it some point between April 2018 and March 2019. The project, codenamed Dylan, will be action-adventure game with heavy online elements. BioWare has touted is a ‘live service’ game, putting it in the same sort of ballpark as Destiny.

“We’re very pleased with the progress of our new action IP from BioWare,” reasoned Wilson. “The design is stunning. Gameplay mechanics are excellent, and the action will be exhilarating. The game is built around a live service, and through our creative process, we decided to add more to the disruptive new social design for our players. To accommodate that, we are moving the launch date for this project into fiscal year ’19.”

From the sounds of things this is going to be fairly large shift from BioWare’s usual projects, moving away from its traditional RPG fare. The online component appears to be the chief cause for the delay, providing BioWare with a little more breathing room to flesh it out with more online content.

The change is probably no bad thing after the disappointing response to Mass Effect Andromeda, and evidently, EA wants a bigger slice of that games-as-services pie. Expect Project Dylan to be regularly updated with ongoing content and new additions to keep gamers playing for years, not weeks or months.

Up until now all we’ve seen of BioWare’s secretive project is a few screenshots of a conceptual prototype, however we’re hopeful we should hear a little more at E3 next month.