In the land of ye olde video games, there are few bigger gets than ‘winning’ E3. You don’t get a prize. You don’t even get an award. But the ramifications of a blockbuster E3 press conference are far reaching, even now as E3’s most burning bright light becomes a fading force. Just ask Sony, who’s E3 2013 press conference effectively secured its placed as the number one console manufacturer in the world.

E3 is the one time of the year when practically the entire world’s attention passes over video games in some form or other. News networks and newspapers which usually couldn’t care less about the latest huge release, all invariably find time to sneak in some impressions from the biggest gaming event in the world. It’s the one event that people outside of the video game hardcore have actually heard of.

This year there are six confirmed press conferences during E3, spanning Saturday, June 10 through to Wednesday, June 14. EA, Xbox, Bethesda, Ubisoft, PlayStation and Nintendo will all be hawking their wares, unleashing a swathe of gaming reveals and generally trying to blow our socks off. Usually, it ends up being awkward executives fumbling lines, bizarre weed-smoking celebrity cameos, and inexplicable dance crews, but this is usually swept under the rug once the blistering game trailers arrive.

Of the console manufacturers, it’s arguably Nintendo and Microsoft which have the most to prove. Nintendo needs to showcase a promising Switch lineup to keep fans interested beyond the imminent Arms and Splatoon 2, while Microsoft needs to get its console business back on track with the reveal of Scorpio. Sony, on the other hand, is flying a little under the radar. There are no major expectations from Sony - most of its biggest franchises have, or are, launching already on PS4. This might suit Sony, however, as gamers sleeping on the show could be hit by a sucker punch of reveals they aren’t expecting.

EA’s meanwhile is practically a known quantity. We’re getting Need For Speed, Star Wars Battlefront 2, FIFA 18, etc, although it would be nice to get a curveball or two. Bethesda should be ready for at least two brand new game reveals, while there’s heaps of rumours surrounding Ubisoft concern Far Cry 5, Assassin’s Creed Origins, The Crew 2, and an all-new IP.

When the dust has settled, there can be only one winner. Which mega-corporation do you believe is going to be crowned champion at E3 2017?

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