Ubisoft has revealed the first promo artwork for Far Cry 5 ahead of tomorrow’s full unveiling. And, uh, Ubisoft sure is leaning in heavily to the religious overtones. The artwork confirms Far Cry 5 will be set in modern times in the mountains of Montana, which borders the south of Canada. 

The image itself shows a number of local chaps and a woman (plus a token wolf), arranged around a table in a fashion designed to mimic The Last Supper, complete with what is presumably the bible in front of the preacher man, a church in the background, and a man tied up on the floor with ‘SINNER’ carved into his back. The fellow in the middle even has a goblet of wine and a hunk of bread. There's also a nod to Nazi themes on the American flag, the usual stars replaced by an Iron Cross which resembles Nazi iconography.

Set in remote Montana, the themes of Far Cry 5 appear to revolve around religious extremism and right wing supremacists. Ubisoft certainly isn’t pulling any punches with this one, and three years ago when development started I doubt they could have anticipated the world they would be launching their game in. 

These lovely folks are also armed with a boatload of weaponry, including a combat bow, RPGs, assault rifles and revolvers. In the background near the top, we can also see two planes dog fighting, suggesting we may be able to fly aircraft for the first time in Far Cry 5.

While Ubisoft hasn't published any sort of concrete info on Far Cry 5's themes, there's a lot to pick apart here that strays far further than a gang of drug dealers on an idyllic tropical island.

We'll find out all the juicy details soon enough though. Far Cry 5's full reveal is set to take place tomorrow, Friday, May 26th, at 9am EST.