Us PC gamers are impatient beasts, and don’t the hardware manufacturers just know it. Every waking moment it feels as if there’s something new right around the corner. The shiny, glitzy new component which will elevate your gaming to a whole new level. Suddenly a new graphics card is announced and we begin to look at our PCs with disgust, thinking it’s probably time to throw half of it in the trash and awaken to a whole generation of performance. 

But for most of us, it comes down to cold, hard cash. We can’t all upgrade to whatever we want, when we want. We have to pick and choose our battles, hopefully buying the right components at the right time. It doesn’t always work though, as people trying to get by on their GTX 700 series can attest. 

Sometimes things just get in the way as well, and upgrading your PC just falls by the wayside. I actually went a good four years without buying a single thing for my PC, which I believe is the longest stretch I’ve gone. After all that time, a total rebuild was necessary, so I put a new one together from scratch. 

I say four years like it’s a long term, but apparently, the average amount of time users completely replace their PCs is 4.5 years. Obviously, these results are a little skewed for enthusiasts like us who like to switch out components, but it’s interesting nonetheless. 

So I was wondering if there were any GD’ers out there who have gone a particularly long time without an upgrade. Perhaps you’re getting by on a five-year-old graphics card and you don’t feel a pressing need to upgrade when Overwatch runs just fine. Or are you a serial upgrader, switching to the latest and greatest components as soon as they come out? Spill the beans below!

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