eSports are in a strange position right now. One the one hands there’s multi-million dollar prize pools, huge sponsorships and TV deals, while on the other it’s still trying to establish itself as a serious sporting event, capable of rubbing shoulders with the already established sports. One aspect which probably won’t help eSports in its quest to be taken seriously are on-stage raging competitions, which is exactly what took place at the Manila Masters DOTA 2 tournament over in the Philippines. 

In between the serious competition and gripping DOTA 2 match-ups, contestants were asked to come onstage and destroy a gaming setup as comprehensively as possible, including a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and even the entire table. 

The whole thing seems to have been pretty strange. Watching someone rage is usually pretty funny, but watching someone fake rage for the purposes of entertainment just seems a little... weird.

Anyway, you can see the first video over the Manila Masters official Twitter account.