According to the latest Take-Two financials, Rockstar is still making heinous amounts of money from both GTA V and the Grand Theft Auto Online component. Who are we to begrudge them that success when they keep pumping out immense amounts of free content as well, continuing with the imminent arrival of GTA Online: Gunrunning. 

The massive update for GTA Online is arriving in June, kickstarting an illegal underground weapons trafficking business in Southern San Andreas. By underground, Rockstar means literally. Throughout Blaine County there are hatches hidden in the ground, leading to sprawling underground networks even purchasable criminal headquarters. Here you can load up with new military-grade vehicles and weaponry.

There’s also some serious cash to be earned from your risky escapades. Customers are willing to pay the big bucks for your illegal firearms, while there’s also the opportunity to unlock new business and research opportunities, a weaponized Mobile Operations Center, and new weapon upgrades. 

I’ll admit GTA Online has left me behind a little bit in the years since its launch, yet by all accounts the amount of content in there is staggering. Who’s going to give gunrunning a go? Can you see Red Dead Redemption 2’s Online component being the success GTA V’s has been? Let us know!