SEGA Europe has just inked a publishing deal with Two Point Studios, an all-new development outfit started up by two former Lionhead and Bullfrog head honchos. Between them, they boast impressive resumes that include the likes of Theme Park, Theme Hospital, Black & White and Fable. 

Two Point Studios has been started by Gary Carr, who was creative director at Lionhead, and Mark Webley, co-founder and studio head of Lionhead.

“We are really excited to be working with SEGA and between us we feel confident that we can create something special, and realise our vision of crafting a beautiful, charming and challenging sim game,” said Carr and Webley in a statement.

Two Point Studios won’t be revealing their project until early 2018. However, it’s safe to say that Sega has seen great promise in what the studio is up, investing at this early stage.

Between the two studio heads, they boast an incredible pedigree. There really is nothing out there that has quite filled the void left by Lionhead and Bullfrog back in their prime. Safe to say, my lifelong dream of a Black & White spiritual successor hasn’t quite flickered out just yet.