The undoubted star of the show at Computex this week has been the unveiling of Intel’s new Core i9 series of CPUs. None was more impressive than the Intel Core i9-7900X though, which unlike some other members of the new X-Series HEDT family, was on the show floor in working form. Overclockers have already been getting busy with the $999 , a 10-core/20-thread behemoth, setting world records in the process. 

The Intel Core i9-7900X will be available in June and comes with 10 Cores / 20 Threads and a 13.75MB L3 Cache. It has a base clock speed of 3.3GHz, rising to 4.5GHz with boost clock. As per all current i9’s, the Core i9-7900X is based on a Skylake-X CPU manufactured on the 14nm fabrication process. 

Overclocker Elmore managed to bump the clock speed up to almost 5.8GHz using liquid nitrogen cooling,  achieving a pair of Cinebench records in the process. 

Elmor got the Core i9-7900X up to 5755MHz in Cinebench R15, scoring 3181 points, and 5785MHz in Cinebench R11.5, scoring 34.79. These are the highest benchmark scores ever achieved on Cinebench outside of the 20+ Core server-based processors such as Intel Xeon. 

He achieved all this using the i9 CPU alongside 12GB DDR4 G.Skillz Trident Z memory and an ASUS Rampage VI Apex X299 motherboard. There was also a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti tucked in there, but this has no bearing on Cinebench scores.

These are some impressive scores, and what's even scarier is that the Intel Core i9-7900X actually sits in the middle of the pack in terms of Intel's new CPU family. There are four additional CPUs in the pipeline which are faster than the 7900X, so don't expect this world record to hold for long.