Square Enix will be Revealing a new AAA Title for PC and Console at E3 2017

Written by Neil Soutter on Thu, Jun 8, 2017 3:32 PM

While all eyes are on the major players hosting their own live conferences at E3, Square Enix is quietly preparing to reveal an all new AAA title coming to both console and PC.Not only will Square Enix be announcing the new title, but they’ll also be holding a full 45-minute live gameplay demo. The “newly announced title being showcased at E3 2017” is a “new high-end original title for console and PC.” 

While Square Enix won’t be having a conference of its own, it will be hosting a panel discussion during E3 2017’s Coliseum event. 

The next big guessing game is what this title is going to be. Square Enix already has Dragon Quest XI, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Kingdom Hearts 3, The Avengers Project, Guardians of the Galaxy, Battalion 1944, and more in the pipeline, so this has to be something all new. Last week Square Enix announced it would be publishing the new game from People Can Fly, developer of Bulletstorm, so there’s a good chance it could be that. 

You’ll have to stay tuned to find out what the new title is, but in the meantime here’s Square Enix’s extensive livestream schedule for E3 2017. 


  • 4.45 am AEST: E3 2017 opening
  • 5.00 am AEST: 30 Years of Final Fantasy
  • 5.30 am AEST: Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: The 101 Then 1 on 1!
  • 6.30 am AEST: E3 2017 trailer line-up
  • 7.45 am AEST: Agents of Mayhem: Open World Mayhem with a Touch of Seoul
  • 8.15 am AEST: F1 2017: A Ride-along with Codemasters
  • 8.45 am AEST: Kingdom Come Deliverance: Developer Walkthrough
  • 9.30 am AEST: Final Fantasy XIV – Letter from the Producer LIVE at E3 2017
  • 11.00 am AEST: Day 1 wrap up


  • 2.45 am AEST: Day 2 heads up
  • 3.00 am AEST: Behold the world of Lost Sphear
  • 4.15 am AEST: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius & Mobius Final Fantasy special announcement
  • 5.15 am AEST: E3 2017 trailer line-up
  • 7.30 am AEST: A cosplay guide to Agents of Mayhem
  • 8.00 am AEST: Final Fantasy XIV  “Trials of Bahamut” Real Escape Game Preview
  • 8.45 am AEST: Flame vs Blaze: 3v3 Action on the go!
  • 10.00 am AEST: Final Fantasy XV Universe
  • 11.00 am AEST: Day 2 wrap-up


  • 2.45 am AEST: Day 3 heads up
  • 3.00 am AEST: Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: Most Asked Questions with the Producer and Director
  • 3.45 am AEST: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius special announcement from the Producers
  • 4.15 am AEST: Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age – E3 Let’s Play & Collector’s Edition unboxing
  • 5.00 am AEST: Square Enix and Milestone – MotoGP 17 and MXGP3
  • 5.45 am AEST: E3 2017 trailer line-up
  • 6.45 am AEST: Focus on Merchandise: Final Fantasy trading card game
  • 7.30 am AEST: NieR in Concert: “A Deprival in White, A Revival in Black” highlights
  • 8.00 am AEST: NieR Automata – Emil’s Entertaining E3 Extravaganza
  • 8.45 am AEST: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Live Stream E3 Edition

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01:31 Jun-09-2017

No good games nowadays, come on give us something good. :p

17:09 Jun-08-2017

If it's not a Drakengard game being outsourced and developed by Platinum then I don't care.


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