I seriously thought that one of the best highlights from E3 so far was Need For Speed: Payback, which will introduce some Fast and Furious type action mixed with an essence of Burnout. However, Ubisoft has gotten me even more intrigued with The Crew 2, which steps away from conventional street racing and goes far, far beyond.

The Crew 2 has open-world street racing as well as tearing through the countryside using jeeps, motorbikes, and buggies. Then step out to the oceans with speed boats before soaring through the skies with planes. I really can't remember the last time there was a game which actually mixes all four formats of racing into one.

But enough of my nattering. Take a look yourself at the demo of the game below:

If you are intrigued just like me, then be sure to sign up for the beta on The Crew's website. What are your thoughts on The Crew 2? Will you sign up for the beta?