After the Best Games of E3 2017 earlier today, our attention now turns toward the show stoppers and the best moments from E3 this week. This selection of awards from here at Game Debate recognises the entertainment value of E3, the hype and the excitement surrounding the biggest event in the gaming calendar. 

Not only do these awards take a look at the best of the press conferences taking place this year, but we also celebrate the visual behemoth that promises to have us hurrying to upgrade our graphics cards, and at the game reveal which surprised us the most. The gaming innovations; the best hardware, and which can gaming giant confidently stroll out as best publisher this year.

Lastly, the results of the vote are in, as we reveal the Game Debate community's Best Trailer of E3 2017. Congratulations to all of the winners, and read on to find out who and what scooped up the awards.

E3 2017 - Best Games Of E3 2017

Best Conference - Ubisoft

And so, Sony's two-year reigns as E3 champions comes tumbling down. It was never going to be able to hit those heady heights forever, and its conference ended up being a pseudo re-run of E3 2016. Never fear though, for Ubisoft willingly stepped up to the plate. Yves Guillemot and co put on a defiant appearance that put on no sign of fear at the impending thread of Vivendi. This year, Ubisoft trimmed the fat off, delivering a blistering barrage of reveals, gameplay demos and the odd teary eye. This was a show of real passion that you don't expect from a huge AAA publishing giant.




Best Graphics - Metro Exodus

There was a period 3-5 ago where the Metro titles were the absolute bar to how PC games looked. They came packed with some of the most intensive benchmarking tools around, and pre-8th gen, they were the ultimate signifier of PC's graphical dominance over consoles. Now 4A Games is back, and its custom engine is looking even better than ever in Metro Exodus. The gameplay trailer was just something else, 4A Games cramming in an unparalleled level of detail and environmental effects, providing one of the most impressive moments of the PC. Now it's just time to get our PC's ready.




Best Hardware - Xbox One X

We're not going to lie, E3 2017 was a little light on the new hardware front, so there wasn't really much competition for Microsoft on this front. Still, the Xbox One X is a 6TFLOP, $500 beast, and it could be the most affordable answer to 4K gaming yet. Things get a little sketchy when we factor in checkerboard rendering, but the end result is an immensely capable games console that puts Microsoft back in front as the performance powerhouse. Let's not dwell on the terrible naming though, eh?




Best Innovation - Super Mario Odyssey

The usual guff trotted out when Nintendo reveals a new Mario game is often along the lines of 'oh, how predictable, more Mario'. That totally misses the point. Nintendo has taken the core concept of a 3D platformer to staggering new heights with each iteration. Mario 64 proved the concept of mainstream 3D gaming. Mario Sunshine amped up exploration and introduced the FLUDD. Super Mario Galaxy is the highest rated game of all time. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the 3rd highest ratest game of all time. Each was stuffed to gills with fresh ideas on each and every level. Super Mario Odyssey appears to have done it all over again if the trailer and Treehouse sessions were anything to go by. There is neat surprise after neat surprise tucked away in here, and it's practically a nailed on cert to be a smash hit.



Best Publisher - Bethesda

Ubisoft may have had the standout conference, but Bethesda delivered a schooling in publisher excellence. No less than 10 games were shown at Bethesda during E3 2017. The remarkable thing? Every one of these games will be available in 2017. This was Bethesda getting on stage and declaring 'here's the games and here's exactly when you can have them'. They took what was shaping up to be a drab holiday season and have us heaps to look forward to. We can't wait to see how they top this next year.





Best Reveal - Beyond Good & Evil 2

The biggest shock of E3 2017 has to go down to Ubisoft's show-closing reveal of Beyond Good & Evil 2. Creative director Michel Ancel was visibly emotional to be talking about this game after all these years. Unfortunately, we're going to have a long, long wait on our hands until the final product is in our hands, but just knowing it's happening feels pretty special.




Best Trailer - Metro Exodus

And here comes Metro Exodus to scoop its second gong of the show. You have been voting, and you have made your choice known loud and clear. Over the hundred+ trailers shown during E3 2017, you voted for Metro Exodus in a landslide victory. It's not hard to see why either; Metro Exodus didn't put a foot during the trailer, showcasing a vertical slice of gameplay as the player emerged from the underground to witness a huge post-apocalyptic expanse appear before them. Oh yes, and that giant mutant bear. 'nuff said.


Congratulations to all the winners, and we look forward to playing all these fantastic looking games over the next year or two!