We saw last week that GTA 5’s Steam store presence was taking an absolute battering following the cease and desist letters sent to prominent GTA V and GTA IV mod teams. Take-Two Interactive threatened legal action against Grand Theft Auto V’s Liberty City total conversion mod and GTA 4’s Open IV mod. Both projects have now been terminated. PC gamers have been making their voices heard though, with close to 40,000 ‘Overwhelming Negative’ reviews hitting Steam recently, managing to drop the overall score for GTA V down to a tepid ‘Mixed’ score.

GTA IV hasn’t fared much either, despite not scooping up nearly as many recent reviews (997). It too now sits on a ‘Mixed’ rating.

It’s not a good look for both Take-Two or Rockstar, and fans are certainly getting their voices here. It’s a matter of some debate whether Take-Two is in the right here. Certainly, in legal terms, it is just protecting its IP, but the knock-on effect is to peeve a whole bunch of fans. 40,000 people actively engaging with the protest is no mean feat, and represents roughly 20% of all GTA 5 Steam reviews in the two years since its launch. 

I suspect Take-Two Interactive is having the last laugh here though, having already cashed in more than $5.5 billion from Grand Theft Auto V since its launch. For all the negative reviews it’s been receiving, Grand Theft Auto 5 is still sat in the top 20 best sellers list on Steam while retailing for the full price of £39.99.

The only real impact this negative reception can have on Rockstar and/or Take Two is if PC gamers boycott their next title, an unlikely proposition if, or when, Red Dead Redemption 2 washes ashore of PC-land.

Fans are making their voices heard but is it too little too late to combat GTA V's overzealous approach to restricting mods? Is GTA Online to blame? Let us know!

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"much better if they just separated the online and offline part.They should actually encourage modding by providing some software themselves to apply and remove mods as necessary since the beginning, basically what openiv does already…"
neseri -
"Ever since the PC launch there's been talk that modding can hurt the online community, and I agree with that. But a game that popular is going to have a huge modding community and T2 & R* should have expected that. So it would have been"
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