OK, so we’re going a bit meta with this one, an Up for Debate on Up for Debates. Insert token mind blown GIF as necessary. We’ve been running Up for Debates here on GD for a good few years now, providing a hub for the wise, sage-like minds of the GD community to gather and share their thoughts, knowledge, and oftentimes outrageous opinions.

Everything is covered in Up for Debates, from the latest and greatest hardware reveals to discussions on the finer points of PC gaming, such as your favourite frame rate tracking software, the perfectly modded Skyrim, or your worst graphics settings. They cover a wide gamut of some of the biggest questions surrounding this industry, but which of these discussion topics do you find the most interesting?

Are you interested in game design? Hardware issues? Do you love nothing better than a good moan about the latest AAA flop? Let us know your favourite topics and pop down to the comments to share why!

Our Favorite Comments
"the ones where we debate.. subject/topic does NOT matter."
"A debate about what to debate. So meta"
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