How do people find their way into PC gaming? I know it might seem like a lot of us were born to game on PCs but at some point someone or something somewhere caught our eye and made us think, " know what, I would really like to become or try PC gaming." So lets fire out that idea, what made you become a pc gamer and why does a gamer decide to step into the world of PC gaming?

So the question we are exploring is, What makes new gamers become PC gamers and what influencers are around to make us move into this area of gaming? There are a number of gaming choices around, with VR being one of the more recent hype categories to draw people into our worlds, but why do people end up gaming on PC and eventually buy their own machine  with which to play on?

Right, some of the reasons that might encourage you to game on PC, that I have come up with, are as follows. 

Family PC. My family has a PC that I could use and I started to explore PC gaming through this. This I reckon feels like it will be the most common reason. Accessibility and exposure can help people to try before they buy.

PC Exclusives. Some strategy games like the Total War series were only available on PC and so I realised that I must own a PC to enjoy them.

Custom Builds. Tinkering with hardware and creating my very own bespoke computer for with which to game on was something I have always liked the idea of doing. Working out which piece goes where, installing and even choosing the operating system, made PC gaming an obvious choice.

Cheap Gaming. I realised a lot of game sales seemed to be happening for PC and their starting price point seemed a bit lower than other options for gaming. So to play great games for much less PC gaming was an obvious choice for me.

Indie Gaming. The independent game development scene excites me. Always pushing new gaming ground, innovative ideas of how to explore the gaming environments, tools publicly available with which to tinker and play with myself. All this indie magic drew me to PC gaming.

Modding and Modders. Tonnes of PC games seemed to last for longer because healthy modding communities materialise around games. PC modding supports and adapts games to become more than a single developer could ever hope to achieve, adding new imaginative life to a game. PC mods enhance huge numbers of PC games way beyond their initial scope and this was a powerful reason for me to become a PC gamer.

My Friends/Family Introduced Me. Lots of my friends or my family members were already playing PC games and they showed me how much fun it could be.

Benchmarking Hardware. The sheer variety and science that goes on with gaming hardware was something that seemed only really accessible through the PC gaming space. Benchmarking the latest or even oldest hardware with modern tools and games provides a lot of satisfaction and proves to be a great part of PC gaming. Becoming a hobby in its own right.

Peripherals For All Occasions. PC gaming has been around for along time and consequentatly the input devices available are broad and fascinating. Often the PC flight sticks and steering wheels allow my PC gaming experience to take on a personalised experience

Chances are it is a combination of some of these reasons, but vote below and let me know which you think your main reason for gaming on PC and why do gamers become PC gamers? This list is not definitive, share your thoughts and I would definitely love to hear everyones experience as to how they got into PC gaming.

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Our Favorite Comments
"Versatility of the PC, backwards compatibility, more freedom of choice, cheaper games, there are so many reasons to become a pc gamer that it just makes sense i guess :)"
"The other primary reason is multitasking. I can do a LOT more than just play games, at the same time."
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