Over these past couple of weeks Take Two, mega-publisher of Grand Theft Auto, have been gathering hatred from their normally pretty loyal GTA 5 fan base. It all began with a cease and desist letter to modder Good-NDS (Yuriy Krivoruchko) as Take-Two tried to protect their GTA 5 Online product from cheaters. Yuriy is the creator of pretty much the most essential single player GTA 5 mod, OpenIV. Rockstar, developers of GTA, have got involved and have had a word with Take-Two. The legal action towards the modder are being dropped and there is even a new version of OpenIV available now.

To recap some of the story take at look at our previous articles where Take Two issues the Cease and Desist to GTA V Liberty City and GTA IV OpenIV Mods and then the Steam Fan Backlash From Mod Ban.

GTA V gamers took this attitude as an attack on modding, and GTA V is a really fun sandbox made even more enjoyable through the mod tools that themselves were made possible via the OpenIV mod. And so with OpenIV being removed and branded illegal, the modding community took a serious blow and GTA modders everywhere were then left uncertain about how their own individual mods would see the light of day and what legal state they were also held in.

To see just how popular and practically essential this free single player focused mod is here is a shot from the download site showing number of download users.

In response, negative reviews flooded across the Steam GTA V store page and even a Change.org petition to save the OpenIV mod was started. It is currently at around 80,000 signatures.

Here is todays look at the negative wave of Steam users flooding Grand Theft Auto 5's steam store page with Overwhelmingly Negative GTA V reviews. They currently have 55,573 recent reviews that are overwhelmingly negative.

And so Rockstar Games, the devs behind GTA 5 could see the negative landslide that was happening to arguably their biggest game and possibly most active community. At the end of last week Take-Two were approached by Rockstar Games and have managed to reverse the legal actions being taken towards to the popular OpenIV mod.

A statement from Rockstar went as follows, "Rockstar Games believes in reasonable fan creativity, and, in particular, wants creators to showcase their passion for our games. After discussions with Take-Two, Take-Two has agreed that it generally will not take legal action against third-party projects involving Rockstar's PC games that are single-player, non-commercial, and respect the intellectual property (IP) rights of third parties. This does not apply to (i) multiplayer or online services; (ii) tools, files, libraries, or functions that could be used to impact multiplayer or online services, or (iii) use or importation of other IP (including other Rockstar IP) in the project.

Of that list of donts, its point (ii) where the OpenIV problem arises. The OpenIV GTA 5 mod opens up the game code to single player modders and gamers. But in some rare circumstances some modders and gamers have abused this to enable and create cheats within the multiplayer GTA Online version of the game, which ruins it for others. Obviously this was an unwelcome side effect and not Krivoruchko intention for OpenIV but the fact that it was happening was enough to move Take-Two into action to protect their IP.

Obviously from Take-Two's point of view if they remove OpenIV then all of the add on mods that required OpenIV would stop working and so they would only need to target and remove OpenIV and their multiplayer problem would be largely solved.

So due to Rockstars intervention Take-Two have decided that they will specifically target only the add-on mods that directly enable cheating and will leave the OpenIV mod alone, which itself is not attempting to harm or disrupt multiplayer experiences. This is a wonderful thing for such an amazingly fun and moddable game.

Taken from a popular GTA 5 Mod DL site

And so following that, there now seems to be a new update to the OpenIV mod as well, which lends evidence that the talks and cancellation of legal action between Take-Two and modder Yuriy Krivoruchko, mediated by Rockstar Games, is nearly concluded.

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"Can't they just kinda split the games in two? Like for the next GTA you get both with GTA VI obviously, but there's a client for Singleplayer and a client for Multiplayer. I'm no developer but I think they could fight modding/cheating at any cost on the MP client and make it easier for those..."
"Not gonna lie, I really didn't think they were gonna change it back. I thought for sure they were gonna take their billions and run while laughing at all the negative comments. Glad I was proven wrong on this."
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