Bluehole has been chucking some serious coal in the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds hype train by teasing an all-new desert map that’s on the way. As it stands, Battlegrounds players have just a single 8x8km playground within which to hunt folks with frying pans, but the new desert environment will double the map variety in one fell swoop. What’s got fans really hot and bothered though is the sight of a bicycle, suggesting the introduction of a new, and frighteningly vulnerable, form of eco-friendly transport.

At the moment, PUBG vehicles are split between cars and motorbikes, but the introduction of bikes could provide a stealthier option for those looking to get around at speed. Provided you haven’t got playing cards tucked between the spokes, those poor saps just won’t see you coming as the feel the wrath of your 1” tyre tread.

Amusingly, DayZ players have been begging for the inclusion of bikes for years, to no avail. Along comes PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and adds them within a matter of months. I think they call that Game, Set and Match.

Aside from the inordinate excitement about a bike, the rest of the map is looking proper pistols at noon. There’s plenty of burnt out husks of buildings, some flimsy cacti for cover, and a railway track that runs through the map. Hopefully, we can drive the train, as a well-armed squad roaming the landscape in this armoured slaughterhouse could prove a potent force.

The map’s still a work in progress, but according to PlayerUnknown himself, we should see it added to Battlegrounds during the next few months.