The GTA V modding controversy merry-go-round is back for another spin, this time with the cancellation of Open IV’s Liberty City GTA V mod. Last week publisher Take-Two Interactive backed down from its cease and desist to members of the Grand Theft Auto 5 modding community, allowing development of the Open IV modding tool to continue. The Open IV team have also been working on the Liberty City mod for GTA V, but due to contradictions with Rockstar’s modding policy, they have been forced to halt development.

“First of all, we want to say “Thank you” to everyone who supported us in this tough situation,” writes Open IV. “We’re very grateful for your support; for demonstration of the fact, that modding community is still a minority, but very vocal, creative and determined minority. You made the impossible and this story is already scribed into the history of PC gaming and the Internet itself. Yes, this is your victory! Congratulations and many thanks once again!

“Unfortunately, our highly anticipated mod “Liberty City in GTA V” will not be released because it clearly contradicts with Rockstar modding policy. Liberty City mod is a big loss for us, since it was a huge part of our motivation to push OpenIV functionality.”

Last week Rockstar championed the GTA modding community, so what’s changed in this specific instance? Well, there’s a few conditions that any GTA V mod must adhere to. It must not impact the multiplayer or online, it must be non-commercial, it must respect the IP rights of third-parties and, most importantly, it must not “use or have importation of other IP (including other Rockstar IP) in the project.” As the Liberty City mod uses Rockstar’s own IP (in this instance GTA IV), this is breach of Rockstar and Take Two’s modding rules.

I have to say I guess this a fair compromise on Take-Two’s part, but it is a shame to see the Open IV team’s hard work just frittered away. At least the boundaries are now clear, and single-player mods for Rockstar’s games have the greenlight provided they don’t infringe on any IP. Give me a second, I’m just going to download GTA 5’s Iron Man mod.