Oftentimes you can open up your PC to realise you’ve got a Frankenstein’s monster of sorts, a shambling corpse just barely kept in check and cobbled together from all sorts of odds and ends. A case you’ve had since high school, a hard drive you plucked out of a failing laptop, and a hodgepodge of RAM that you think is probably running alright. It’s part of the nature of PC gaming that we can throw just about whatever we want together in a box and then figure out a way to make a work. Occasionally you have to hit the hard reset button and go for a whole new build, but I suspect there are plenty of you out there who have been patching up and upgrading the same PC for upwards of a decade.

The simple fact of the matter is, if something’s still working, why throw it away. There’s plenty of us that accumulate hordes of hardware, or we’ve just been holding out for a PC upgrade that’s never come. Usually, for me, it’s the monitor. I was happily using the same 4:3 monitor (1600x1200 resolution) for years and years, before finally buckling and joining the masses at 1080p. My square eyes could see in widescreen for the first, wondrous time. I imagine there’s a few that are still rocking their old, yellowed VGA monitors staring back at them like grizzled old veterans, steadfastly refusing to join the new millennium.

I know this sounds a bit weird as well, but I also like to keep at least one original component in my PC, regardless of the upgrades. It feels like if I upgrade everything, it’s no longer that original PC. It’s nice to keep an old DVD drive or tiny SSD kicking about, just to remind you this is the same build you’ve been playing on for year after year.

So we want to know, what’s the oldest component that’s still lurking inside your PC? Have you got an ancient bit of a PC hardware that you just refuse to let die? When did you buy it? Let us know!

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