Ubisoft has got a little carried away with the US Independence Day celebrations. Over in the US of A, they were busy fighting off a telepathic alien invasion celebrating their acrimonious split with the British Empire on July 4th, and to celebrate this Ubisoft added bonus fireworks celebrations to Watch Dogs 2. Only they weren’t just a neat little extra. They were planned to run from June 29th through to July 10th, and their booms and bangs are audible across the entire map, constantly, during every night cycle. Those still plugging away at Watch Dogs 2 unsurprisingly found it pretty annoying, forcing Ubisoft to remove the 4th of July fireworks due to a number of noise complaints.

“Each mission has at night fireworks..it's very annoying for me..how turn this shi....off said a Ubi forum member in a thread, while others complained they were “fucking annoying” and “completely obnoxious.”

In response, a Ubisoft representative said “The fireworks are a fun display added to celebrate Independence Day! While you may find them loud in-game, they are really loud in real life too! The sound carries over the water and you can hear them all over the Bay! They will only be firing until the 10th so find a spot to enjoy them while you can!”

That wasn’t quite enough to silence the fans though, who were crumbling under the incessant pressure of two solid weeks of fireworks. Yesterday, Ubisoft finally decided to pull the plug, admitting  “It’s not possible to rush a fix for this so we made a tough choice to remove them. The heart says no but the ear drums say yes.”

It turns out there was a bug in Watch Dogs 2’s Independence Day update that meant the sound effects from the fireworks was audible at full volume everywhere on the map. “They have been turned off as to avoid any further noise complaints,” explained Ubisoft.

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"They don't sound like fireworks to me lol. More like artillery fire in BF xD"