PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is going to be updated with first-person servers as part of the August update. First-person servers will fix the camera in a first-person perspective, rather than switch between first and third-person as it does currently. It’s a feature fans have been crying out for, particularly those after a purer experience and avoiding the ‘peeking’ that can be achieved by manipulating a third-person camera.

The 1st person servers in PUBG are going to be rolled out to the solo and duo matches first, before expanding to larger squads once any kinks have been ironed out.

"Dedicated first-person servers will take some time as it requires a lot of work from all teams, it’s not as easy as just flipping a switch,” said PlayerUnknown himself. “Our game, platform, engineering, and gameplay teams all need to do work to make it happen, and they are all quite busy with optimisation work at the moment!"

In addition to this, developer Bluehole has also confirmed that an FOV (Field of View) slider is inbound at long last. “The slider is implemented and we are testing the values right now, it will be available with the July Update,” said developer Snookie. The FOV slider won’t have any impact on the third person camera view, so it’ll exclusively affect first-person.

Would you prefer to play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in first-person? Or do you love it for its TPS roots? Do you think it’ll eventually be entirely in first-person? Let us know your thoughts!