Swords and Sorcery Survival Game Dark and Light Hits Early Access Tomorrow

Written by Jon Sutton on Wed, Jul 19, 2017 9:44 AM
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I remember being excited by Dark and Light when I was at school, which was, er, 13 years ago now, and after an aborted (read: terrible) launch and a reboot, it’s back. Dark & Light will be launching on Steam Early Access this Thursday, July 20th, Snail Games has announced. It’s joined by an all-new launch trailer, showcasing its vast, fantastical open-world, and a huge showdown with a towering dragon.

The fantasy MMO turned survival game has been a long time coming, changing genre entirely during its protracted development. Dark & Light is now fantasy Rust, with all the resource gathering and fort building that it entails. The difference being, there’s a large PvE element to Dark & Light, rather than just murdering naked people in their sleep.

Players can explore the massive world, taking in floating islands, volcanoes, icy mountain peaks and tropical paradises, joining one of three factions and crafting their own house wherever they want in the world. There’s apparently a pretty deep magic system to be mastered, while nearly every creature in the world can be tamed and trained to fight alongside. Think Pokemon with less balls.

We’ve got the full info on Dark & Light’s system requirements should you be thinking of giving it a whirl, and you can head to its game page here on GD for estimated game performance reports and the like.

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23:20 Jul-19-2017

well i don't think it would see much success as it's an Survival MMO with building+powerful magic! that's like THE Worst combination of things u can put in an MMO well let's just wait and see how it would be!

10:25 Jul-19-2017

Yet another survival MMO


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