Open Beta for 4v4 PvP Ghost War Mode Coming to Ghost Recon Wildlands this Summer

Written by Jon Sutton on Fri, Jul 21, 2017 3:45 PM
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Ubisoft has announced an open beta will be taking place for its upcoming Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Ghost War player versus player mode. Teams of four Ghosts will square off against one in large-scale open maps, utilising stealth and an array of gadgets to bring down the enemy team.

Ghost War is allegedly designed to boost the tactical aspects of Ghost Recon Wildlands, enforcing well organise teamwork if a squad wants to come out on top. A bunch of new mechanics will be included to aid the switch to PvP, including suppressing fire to keep the enemy pinned down, and sound markers that can alter players to any loud actions.

There will specialised classes for players to pick from including scouts, tanks, and snipers, each with their own dedicated perks and unique strengths and weaknesses. The maps meanwhile will be using actual locations from the main game, covering forests, jungles, salt flats and mountains, each being “large-scale, open maps.” They’ll also have dynamic time of day and randomised weather patterns to keep things interesting.

Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Ghost War open beta will be taking place this summer for anyone who’s got the base game, before a proper launch later this year. When it drops it’s going to be a fee download.

After hammering a few areas with my squaddies in the original Ghost Recon Wildlands, I have to admit the whole thing got a little repetitive and boring. It didn't take before I felt like I'd see everything the game had to offer, and genuine tactical plays were few and far between. A PvP mode could turn this notion on its head though, and the prospect of an outdoors Rainbow Six Siege-esque objective has me excited.

Anyone who's not bought Ghost Recon Wildlands yet that could be tempted in by PvP? What are you hoping Ubisoft does with the Ghost Wars mode? Let us know!

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16:08 Jul-21-2017

They missed out a huge opportunity with multiplayer.With the map like that they could have made a battleroyal gamemode like PWBG,even with 50 player it could have been awesome,they've got alot more weapons and vehicle than PWBG.

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15:53 Jul-21-2017

The Ubisoft game just got Ubisofter.

21:38 Jul-21-2017

Two flavors, empty open world or 4v4 PVP. Both online only.


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