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If there was a Nobel Peace Prize for gaming, Dying Light developer Techland would probably have it as a permanent installation in its Ostrów Wielkopolski office. We found out last month that it would be supporting Dying Light for another year, and now the game’s producer, Tymon Smektala, has outlined in a new video just what this means for fans.

A grand total of ten additional DLC packs will be coming Dying Light’s way over the next 12 months, all of them absolutely free for anyone who owns the original game. Bravo Techland, that explains why you’ve still got an active player base of more than 500K every week, some 2.5 years after Dying Light launched. Games that came out around the same time and dropped off the face of the Earth include Assassin’s Creed Rogue and Battlefield Hardline. It’s funny what some decent (preferably not money grabbing) post-launch support can do for your game.

The DLC packs for Dying Light will all sprinkle a little additional depth throughout Harran, adding in new enemies, special events, mysteries to be solved, weapons and more. It all starts off with DLC #0, which appears to be some sort of paramilitary group coming to hunt Crane down. They look like a well-organised bunch, with a well-stocked armoury that looks like a sweet shop for psychopaths.

Dying Light’s first of ten DLC packs should be arriving soon, and presumably, you can expect to get additional content drops every five weeks or so. Keep an eye on your Steam downloads for the inevitable updates.