Grand Theft Auto 6 may be with us sooner than we’d anticipated if a stunt and motion capture actor’s resumes are anything to go by. Tim Neff, actor and martial arts specialist, has Grand Theft Auto VI listed on his resumes alongside Red Dead Redemption 2, indicating that development on the sequel is at an advanced stage despite the impending arrival of RDR2.  

Tim Neff has been an actor and stunt actor for seven years now, including several movies and TV shows. It’s the game side of things that we’re interested in though, with accredited work on GTA VI. It’s listed on both Resumes Breakdown Express and, the “premiere stunt directory.” It’s worth taking this with a pinch of salt, it may just be a simple typo, but taken at face value it points toward Rockstar making significant headway with GTA 6.

Considering the protracted development times that surround games these days, it makes it difficult to pinpoint just when GTA VI is due. It’s made even harder by the success of GTA Online, meaning there isn’t perhaps the usual rush to get out a sequel. Rockstar currently has 10 studios though, and it seems reasonable to assume they aren’t all working on GTA Online / Red Dead Redemption 2. Up until now they’ve typically released games at a rate of 1 to 2 years. It’s been four years since GTA V launched, Rockstar probably wants to wait no more than six to get a sequel out.

The smart move for Rockstar is, of course, to pull the exact same trick as it did with GTA V - launch at the tail of the current console lifecycle when the market is at its largest, before remastering for the next crop of consoles and the inevitable PC release.

With motion capture potentially already done and dusted, when do you think Grand Theft Auto VI eventually ends up arriving? Are you expecting Rockstar to use the staggered release schedule once more? Let us know your thoughts!