Ah, I love getting nerdy with some Rainbow Six Siege patch notes, as I suspect anyone who’s far too into a game does. These last few months for Siege players have been a painful drip, drip of information, made worse by the introduction of Operation Health rather than actual new content. Still, Ubisoft has used this season to paper over Siege’s often large cracks, and its latest pass is for map optimisation and redesigned lighting.

This is a single portion of three-part mission from Ubisoft to work on data cleanup and optimisation. “Imagine we have a box, and we filled it to capacity. It is difficult to improve on the items that you have in the box when there isn’t any space. With Operation Health, we are rearranging the contents of the box to give us more room to work,” explains Rainbow Six Siege technical director Olivier Couture.

Over the next year, Ubisoft plans to rework the textures on every map, beginning with Kafe Dostoyevsky, which is the most demanding of the bunch. In some cases they’ve been improved, in others, they’ve been simplified a little in order to improve performance.

Lighting is also being altered on all maps in one fell swoop. The biggest gameplay affecting change is that bloom exposure when defenders look outside is now being drastically reduced. This lends defender a significant peeking advantage compared to before. Meanwhile for attackers looking in, the rooms will be brighter, rather than allowing defenders to lurk in the dark. This was in reaction to looking at how players play, and it should, in theory, increase both defensive and offensive aggression.

Lastly, all the skyboxes are being upgraded. They’re no longer just drab grey blobs, now they’re much higher quality with HDR lighting.

That’s all for now, but expect these changes to start trickling out to Rainbow Six Siege in the coming weeks. Season 3’s due in August so Operation Health should be wrapping up soon.

How do you think the reduce bloom is going to play out on the competitive scene? Let us know your thoughts below!