30 Free Units Coming to Total War Warhammer as Creative Assembly Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Written by Neil Soutter on Thu, Aug 3, 2017 11:10 AM
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In a rather neat little move to celebrate their 30th anniversary, Creative Assembly has announced 30 free elite unit regiments coming to Total War: Warhammer free of charge. The Beastmen, Bretonnians, Chaos Warriors Norsca and Wood Elves will all be getting six brand new units each.

It’s free, which is great, but it seems like some people will find a way to moan about anything when I took a glance at the forums and YouTube comments. Most of the ire seems to centre around these bonus units being for DLC factions rather than the base game. Obviously, Creative Assembly is hoping to a shift a few more Total War: Warhammer expansion packs with this, but it’s not as if these regiments merely existing is going to cost anyone anything. It's a nice little for those who bought the DLC, and that's about it.


  • Destroyers of the Drakwald: Ungor Spearmen Herd (Shields) – Extra melee defence
  • Black-Horn’s Ravagers: Gor Herd (Shields) – Stalk, Vanguard Deploy, Extra Armour + Charge Bonus
  • Khorrok’s Manrippers: Bestigors – Halberds, Bonus vs Large, Charge Defence vs Large, Defensive Stats
  • The Eye of Morrslieb: Cygor – Warp Gaze Ability (Cannot Move Hex)
  • Sons of Ghorros: Centigors (Great Weapons) – Guardian Ability (+ Physical Resistance to nearby characters buff), Extra Armour, Magic Attacks
  • Butchers of Kalkengard: Minotaurs (Shields) – Terror, Regen


  • Beastslayers of Bastonne: Foot Squires – Halberds, Charge Defence vs Large, Defensive Stats
  • Holy Wardens of La Maisontaal: Battle Pilgrims – Dual Wield (improved offensive stats, Fire/Magic Attacks)
  • Companions of Quenelles: Questing Knights – Fire Resistance, Blessing of the Lady Ability (Physical Resistance whilst unbroken)
  • Knights of the Lionhearted: Knights of the Realm – Fear, Encourage, Magic Attacks
  • Defenders of the Fleur-de-lis: Knights – Errant Frenzy
  • Wardens of Monfort: Mounted Yeomen (Archers) – Poison Attacks


  • Mirror Guard: Chaos Warriors – Immune to Psychology, increased movement speed, Improved melee stats
  • Soul of Damnation: Hellcannon – Soul Devourer Ability (Increases Reload Skill When Damaged)
  • Daemonspew: Forsaken – Poison Attacks
  • Wyrd Spawn: Chaos Spawn – Armour sundering melee attacks, Physical Resistance
  • Swords of Chaos: Chaos Knights – Smaller unit size, Apocalyptic Charge Ability (Map-wide Speed/Charge Speed ability), Guardian Ability, Fire attacks
  • Summoners of Rage: Dragon Ogres – Magic attacks, Single use Chain Lightning Bound Spell (Becomes available after a set duration in melee)


  • Soulcrusher: War Mammoth – Enrage Ability (Temporary physical resistance ability), Strider
  • Brutes of the Hound: Marauder Berserkers – Unbreakable, Fear
  • Beasts of Tashnar: Norscan Warhounds – Frenzy, Increased Missile Resistance, Small Bonus vs Large
  • Mist Stalkers: Fimir Warriors – Stalk, Vanguard, Terror
  • Maws of Savagery: Skin Wolves (Armoured) – Vanguard Deployment
  • Icehorn Marauders: Marauders – Immune to Psychology, Immune to Vigour

Wood Elves

  • Winterheart Guards: Eternal Guard (Shields) – Unbreakable, Charge Defence vs All
  • Wild Hunters of Kurnous: Wild Riders (Shields) – Guardian Ability
  • Loec’s Tricksters: Wardancers (Asrai Spears) – Loec’s Shroud Ability (Confer Stalk + speed), Storm of Blades Ability (+ Melee Attack, – Melee Defence)
  • Hawk-eyes of Drakira: Waywatchers – Smoke Bomb Ability, Discouraged Contact Effect on missile attack
  • Wardens of Cythral: Wildwood Rangers – Spear & Shield, Vanguard, Stalk, Charge Defense vs Large
  • Firebark Elders: Treekin – Fire Attacks, Fire Resistance, Wildfire Aura Ability (Increases nearby units fire resistance)

All the free units will be available from August 10th.

Lest we forget in this all Warhammer excitement, it's also Creative Assembly's birthday as well. Happy birthday CA! The studio started in 1987 in Horsham, UK, and started out porting Amiga titles to DOS and making rugby, cricket and Aussie Rules football games before eventually moving onto the Total War series in 2000. They currently have eight major projects in the works, including four unannounced games. At least one of these will be the next major historical Total War title, and we're hope, hope hoping that we get a reveal soon.

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12:35 Aug-03-2017

Aww... No love for Vampire ****s :(

I hardly play anything else. (lack of archers is annoying though)

12:03 Aug-03-2017

awesome ^^


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