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It was exactly one year ago today that No Man’s Sky hilariously splatted onto the gaming world. It was a high profile disaster despite its indie origins. That didn’t stop Hello Games shifting several million copies of the game though, and they’ve spent the last 12 months trying to make things right. The next major 1.3 update is due for No Man’s Sky imminently, and Hello Games has teased that it’s going to be a biggie, expanding on the story elements and adding heaps of new features.

“It’s been a year since No Man’s Sky first released, and it’s been an exciting, intense and emotional year for us at Hello Games,” said Sean Murray in a statement to fans. “We have been quiet, but we have been listening intently.”

Hello Games has been running an ARG (Alternate Reality Game) for the past eight weeks dubbed Waking Titan. Players have been getting posted mysterious cassettes across the globe, attempting to figure out the truth behind it. In Hello Games’ words, “You've become part of the No Man's Sky origin story.” An origin story a year after launch seems a little bit hazy, but we’ll let it slide.

The whole purpose of the Waking Titan though was to tease Atlas Rises, No Man’s Sky’s major new update. The focus of the patch is to improve on the central narrative of No Man’s Sky, as well as adding the ability to quick travel between locations using portals. You can now basically find a home planet to call your own, build a base and portal, and then travel to and from it, from anywhere in the universe.

Hello Games is keeping the specifics of the No Man’s Sky update under wraps for now, but Patch 1.3 is due to be released later this week. I can’t be the only one lured into wondering just what they have up their sleeves next.