Valve announced a brand new game a this year’s International Dota 2 Championship. Artifact is a Dota 2 collectible card game, and yes, the reaction from the crowd was just as disappointed as you’re feeling now.

Artifact will be out in 2018 and it’s a project headed up by Brad Muir in his first role for Valve. He jumped ship from Double Fine a little while ago and he’s working on Artifact for some time now.

It’s a new Valve game then, and the first in a while. The reaction from fans has actually been pretty hostile as well. I won’t bore you with the reams of negative tweets and fans furious that Valve isn’t making the specific game they want, namely Half-Life 3, which always seemed incredibly unlikely at a Dota 2 event. Instead, this crowd reaction video succinctly says it all.

But who knows, perhaps Artifact is going to be absolutely awesome. If there’s one thing we’ve learnt about Valve over the years it’s that they don’t put a dud game. CCG’s have become big business since Hearthstone though, with the likes of Gwent, Duelyst, Shadowverse and Elder Scrolls Legends all stepping up to the plate recently. Is there really room for another? With the Dota name behind it, alt east Artifact has a fighting chance.

Actual gameplay details are sadly zilch. We’ve basically got a name, a theme, and a premise. And I don't know if I'm reading into the logo a bit too much but I think Artifact may mix things up a bit by being a three-way contest. You can see the three main chunks of the logo which may represent people, surrounding a single small triangle in the middle, which may the table or board. I could be a reaching a bit here but logos are always designed for a specific reason.

Does a Dota 2 card game tickle your fancy? Is this the single-player game Gabe Newell said Valve is working on? Let us know what you think!