Rainbow Six Siege 'Theme Park' Map Leaked - Full 2.2.2 Patch Notes Revealed

Written by Jon Sutton on Thu, Aug 10, 2017 11:11 AM
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We’ve got a bit of a double whammy of Rainbow Six Siege news for you today. Last night the last major Operation Health update rolled out, alongside leaked images of a new Theme Park map arriving later this month. In the original Rainbow Six novel a number of children are held hostage at a fictional theme park, so this a nice nod to its roots.

We’ll start with the Theme Park which is part of the Hong Kong 3rd season. It’s a creepy abandoned theme park on the coast from the looks of it, featuring a Ferris wheel, merry-go-rounds, and what appears to be a building that houses the start of a rollercoaster. This is where all the action takes place, split over two floors once more. Sadly we still haven’t had a three-story map since Favela, and the wait rumbles on.

In Theme Park there looks to be a lot of tight corridor action; the upper floor split in two by the coaster or monorail tracks. Staircases can be found to east and west. On the west it's your standard staircase, while to the one to east is our first ever, ahem, imperial staircase. It's split into two divided flights which could prove interesting.

Rainbow Six Siege Theme Park Roof

Rainbow Six Siege Theme Park Second Floor

Rainbow Six Siege Theme Park Ground Floor

Last night Rainbow Six Siege’s Title Update 2.2.2 also rolled out, bring the final suite of Operation Health changes before the Season 3 Title Update. The big news is dedicated servers for both custom matches and terrorist hunt. Now, if the host drops out, players will be longer be disconnected from a server. You’ll also be able to run Custom Matches without a full lobby which could be handy for folks without an army of friends on at any one time.

There are also new dedicated servers for in-game voice with Vivox integration. This allows for higher quality voice communication while using less bandits. Amusingly, Ubisoft says “this new voice chat solution will provide all players with an ability to more clearly communicate with their teammates, especially after one of them Fuzes the hostage.” Which, uh, kinda sounds like an open invitation to abuse someone. Hard to argue they don’t deserve it though, provided they aren’t low-level.

Lastly, and I think perhaps most importantly, there are now more accurate vaulting while aiming animations. I can’t for the life of me understand why this has only just been sorted out, but now when a player vaults through a window they will be facing the correct direction to other players, rather than defaulting to strain forward. No longer will we be called by someone who appears to not even be looking at us.

The final bits and bobs of Operation Health are going to be rolling out during Season 3 - Hong Kong, and will include upgrade servers to improve hit registration, desyncs and latency, the removal of peer to peer voice & party features, and LAN mode on PlayStation 4.

Rainbow Six Siege Title Update 2.2.2 Main Bug Fixes


  • FIXED – Players are able to place Valkyrie’s Black Eye cameras in a location that provides visibility of the entire Bank map.
  • FIXED – Nitro Cells deal no damage when they are thrown against certain types of metal beams.
  • FIXED – In some cases, wall reinforcement debris remain floating after being destroyed.
  • Secure Area
  • FIXED – Securing can be interrupted by stepping over debris.
  • Caster Camera
  • FIXED – Spectating a player moving through the basement of Oregon forces floor switches.
  • FIXED – Visual Operator placement glitch when switching from first to third person.
  • FIXED – Metallic doors appear orange on Bank.
  • Custom Game
  • FIXED – Data Centers selected by the host is changed when the Dedicated Match begins.


  • Hibana
  • FIXED – X-KAIROS destruction does not affect the main section of wall reinforcements.
  • FIXED – X-KAIROS pellets can leave floating reinforcement debris.
  • Glaz
  • FIXED – Glaz’s gadget does not always show enemies when looking through specific angles through windows.
  • Echo
  • FIXED – Yokai Drone fails to stick to the ceiling in the Garage of Bank.
  • Consulate
  • FIXED – Carrying the hostage on 2F service stairs causes the hostage to clip through the wall.
  • FIXED – Walls on the East and South sides of 2F Break Room are indestructible.
  • FIXED – Animation loop when approaching the refrigerator in Cafeteria.
  • FIXED – The wall in B Storage Room is missing a reinforcement interaction.
  • Bank
  • FIXED – Black Eye’s vision can be blocked by metal bars above the server racks due to missing collision.
  • FIXED – Players do not take any damage through EXT High Roof bars.
  • Coastline
  • FIXED – Attackers are able to climb onto the pink canvas on the top of the building.
  • FIXED – Breaching charges placed in 2F VIP Lounge will not break the floor.
  • FIXED – Operators clip through the environment in 2F Penthouse.
  • FIXED – Rubber banding occurs when entering through the EXT Cantina drone vent.
  • FIXED – Players are able to clip through the environment to access unreachable areas.
  • Kanal
  • FIXED – Players are able to use a shield vaulting exploit to spawn kill Attackers.
  • FIXED – Gadgets cannot be placed in CG2F Radio.
  • FIXED – Drones remain floating in the air when they jump into the water.
  • FIXED – When placing a gadget on some walls, the lighting becomes brighter.
  • FIXED – Players are able to vault into unintended areas.
  • Border
  • FIXED – Rubber banding occurs after vaulting through the windows on EXT South Balcony.
  • FIXED – Players are able to melee through a wood panel near East Stairs to clearly see the southern door.
  • FIXED – Players are able to be killed through an unbreachable walls by going prone on furniture in 2F Fountain.
  • Chalet
  • FIXED – Twitch’s drone gets destroyed when passing by a rock on EXT Cliffside woods.
  • Skyscraper
  • FIXED – A wall in Geisha Room is able to be reinforced from both sides.
  • FIXED – Rubber banding occurs when passing between the hostage and the table in 1F Kitchen.
  • FIXED – Players can remain stuck after vaulting onto the bar.
  • Clubhouse
  • FIXED – When going prone in 2F Bathroom, players will partially clip through the wall.


  • FIXED – Inviting a player through the Uplay PC client prior to launching the game will not add them to the squad.
  • FIXED – Twitch’s Jeanne d’Arc headgear has low-res textures.
  • FIXED – The price of the Capitao Loreto Set is incorrect on the Xbox One.
  • FIXED – Some of Mute’s headgear appear to have a low level of detail.
  • FIXED – NVIDIA Surround option only displays the game on a single monitor.
  • FIXED – Rank icons do not always refresh for all party members.
  • FIXED – 9x19VSN Kabuto skin clipping error.
  • FIXED – Flag of Japan charm has a flickering texture.
  • FIXED – Waiting for teammates and waiting for squad messages do not always appear as intended.
  • FIXED – Fudgy Bunny appears with a low level of detail.
  • FIXED – Some skins on the SMG-11 have a low level of detail.
  • FIXED – A typo is present in the Czech subtitles of Kapkan’s intro video.
  • FIXED – Watch Dogs charm has anti-aliasing glitches.
  • FIXED – Some players are unable to interact with the scoreboard.
  • FIXED – Operators from the previous match are sometimes shown in the scoreboard prior to entering the Operator selection screen.

Rainbow Six Siege 2.2.2 is available now on all platforms. Year 2 Season 3 - Hong Kong will be out within the next few weeks, containing the Theme Park map and three new Operators.

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admin approved badge
13:25 Aug-10-2017

Now I know they fixed a lot, but the sad thing is this probably 1/3 of everything... :/

admin approved badge
13:31 Aug-10-2017

Thats true but it's come a long way. I'm not looking forward to that 2.3 26gb patch though, going to take me hours. Luckily i get fiber with 200/100 in october so after taht should be a blast, literally lol.

admin approved badge
16:56 Aug-10-2017

And I'm unlucky, at my parents I have 300/200mbps up/down, here at my grandma/pa i have 120/80mbps, but since last week my steam,origin and other DRM speeds have dropped or more accurately they are over the place from 500KB/s to 14Mb/s and it constantly moves... while my speed is still the same to the servers, IDK what my ISP screwed up...

admin approved badge
14:21 Aug-11-2017

That could just be a w10 issue if you haven't tried flushing DNS and renewing IP and all that. A friend of mine couldnt connect to me in siege for a month straight, he got his new PC and we connect every single time even though he has the same connection, same Moderate NAT type, same powerline adapters, its very VERY odd. Could be a bunch of things.

Youre lucky to get 300/200, i get 12/1 at home, in 2 months should be 200/100 with most people reporting 300/100.


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