It’s been almost six long painful months since a new content update for Rainbow Six Siege, but Ubisoft has at long last revealed Operation Blood Orchid. The new content drop will include the recently leaked Theme Park map, alongside two new operators from Hong Kong and a single Polish operator.

Rainbow Six Siege’s Year Two Season Two content made way for Operation Health, a patch blitzkrieg from Ubisoft designed to give the team time to fix the many and wide issues with Siege’s online service, including one-step matchmaking, better servers, improved hit detection and server sync.

Operation Health comes to a close with one more major update to join Year Two Season Three, a bandwidth crippling 15GB+ patch. Rolled into Operation Blood Orchid, the patch and the new content will be ready to go live on August 29th.

We’ve got the full details on the Theme Park map here, but suffice to say it looks like an abandoned amusement park, complete with a roller coaster, Ferris wheel, and merry-go-rounds. The core of the action will be centred around the rollercoaster’s queue entrance, a twisting two story building that could hold one or two surprises.

As for the operators, this is the first ever time three will have dropped at once. A further three will also be included in Season 4. Two of the operators will be called Caltrop and Dazzler, although it’s unclear just exactly how their special abilities are going to work yet. Recent leaks suggest at least one will have Smoke-style toxic gas, possibly dispersed from proximity mines.

We shouldn’t have too long to wait until all the gory details though. Rainbow Six Siege - Operation Blood Orchid will be ready to be revealed alongside the finals of the Rainbow Six Pro League at Gamescom, which takes place from August 25-26.