Iconic footballer Edgar Davids has successfully won a lawsuit with Riot Games over the use of the Lucian skin in League of Legends. After crushing the likes of AC Milan, Davids has now taken on the biggest game in the world won.

The Dutch footballer was a bit of a legend with Juventus back in the late 90’s / early 00’s and became instantly recognisable for his use of protective goggles he wore due to suffering from glaucoma. Nicknamed ‘The Pitbull’, he was a football legend. Although he didn’t look like one last time I watched him, on a cold winter's night in Portsmouth as they beat a struggling Crystal Palace in the FA Cup.

League of Legends players will be pretty familiar with Lucian and his ‘Striker’ skin.The skin makes Lucian look like a footballer, and even has the exact same skin colour, dreads and protective eyewear as Edgar Davids. The resemblance really is uncanny, and it was coincidentally created to coincide with the 2014 World Cup.

Riot argued that the Striker skin was instantly recognisable as Lucian rather than Davids. I would say calling him a striker also helps, as Davids was prominently a defensive midfielder. It didn’t help that when the Striker Lucian skin arrived, a Riot member of staff tweeted out the following image:

A judge in Amsterdam has ordered Riot Games to compensate Edgar Davids. They will have to compensate for losses to Davids based on the number of skins sold in the Netherlands only. Considering just how huge League of Legends is, that’s probably a nice little payout coming Davids way.

It’s quite rare to see one of the gaming giants taken on, let alone for Edgar Davids to win the case. What do you make of the resemblance? Were Riot wrong to create the Striker Lucian skin? Let us know your thoughts!