Ubisoft has revealed all the final details of its upcoming Operation Blood Orchid update for Rainbow Six Siege, including precise info on just how the three new Operators will work. Two Hong King CTU Operators are inbound (one Attacker, one Defender), as well as a single Polish GROM Defender.


Ying is the sole attacker, and she carries three Candela charges which operate like a non-lethal version of Fuze, albeit with a little more flexibility. Each Candela device emits a number of a stun charges, disorienting everyone in the room who isn't behind cover. The Candela's can be rolled on the ground (perfect for going under doors or even through drone holes) or affixed to a breachable surface in a more traditional manner. 

The Candela's can be rolled on the ground (perfect for going under doors or even through drone holes) or affixed to a breachable surface in a more traditional manner. They can also be cooked. The Candela charges have three lights on them. The longer Ying cooks the Candela, the greater the delay in them releasing their stun charge. Using this technique, Ying can cook a Candela, attach it to a breachable surface, flank a room and enter through another door as the charges go off.

Being flashed by her own Candela won't be a problem either. Ying has special protective glasses that make her immune to her own flashes, making it possible to breach a room as the charges are going off. I can foresee some devious Hostage steals coming up.

Ying will be armed with a shotgun and an LMG.


The final two defensive Operators are both trap based. Lesion has invisible Gu mines that can be deployed on the floor. These stick Attackers with a poison needle, causing visual distortion and damage bleed over time. The Attacker can lower their gun to remove the Gu needle at the risk of being exposed. The only way Gu mines can be spotted is using IQ's electronics detector. At last, she has her uses.

Rather than frantically laying his charges at the start of a round, Lesion's Gu seven Gu mines become available over time. Lesion can continue to mine throughout a match, laying additional traps depending on the route the enemy team is taking. If you've got them funneled into just one or two routes, Lesion could prove both a deadly and time-wasting distraction for attackers. I can already foresee a situation in which the last surviving Attacker is busy tea-bagging a downed Defender, only to step onto an invisible Gu mine and end it all.

Legion will be armed with a silenced shotgun.


Lastly, there's Ela, the Polish Operator tooled up with Grzmot mines. These are proximity concussion mines that can be thrown and stuck to surfaces, exploding when an enemy gets near. The concussion mines don't cause any damage but will disrupt vision and hearing, similar to Echo's drone.

Ubisoft reckons Ela is a great roaming, using her mines to slow anyone's advance and provide cover to her flank. She can even detonate a concussion charge when downed, stunning nearby enemies and providing teammates with a chance to revive her. 

Ela is armed with either an SMG or shotgun alongside a first for Rainbow Six Siege - a pistol with an integrated dot sight, perfect for sneaking around.

Update: 22/08/2017 - Rainbow Six Siege's Theme Park Map Unveiled in New Trailer

With the operator leaks a few days ago and the tactical maps before then, Ubisoft has at last revealed the final of the puzzle regarding Rainbow Six siege's upcoming Hong Kong Season 3 content - the Theme Park. They've released a trailer showcasing the new map, set in an abandoned theme park on the shores of Hong Kong.

It's comfortably the wackiest DLC offering for Rainbow Six Siege yet, bearing more than a passing resemblance to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's theme park. Thankfully Ubisoft isn't re-using the same old props yet again, and players will be skulking around a haunted roller coaster complete with mummies, bats, and arcade machines.

Original Story: 15/08/2017 - Rainbow Six Siege Operation Blood Orchid Operators Leaked - Lesion, Ying and Ela

All three new Rainbow Six Siege operators arriving as part of the Season 3 pass have now leaked. They comprise two Hong Kong operatives (one attacker, one defender) and a single Polish defender, meaning available defensive operators will now outnumber attackers for the first ever time.

A quick spoiler warning first, I guess, for those who don’t want to know anything about the upcoming Rainbow 6 Siege operators until they drop on August 29th as part of Operation Blood Orchid. If you’re one of them, you’ll kindly need to buzz off now.

Gone? Good. Okay, we’ll start with Lesion, a defensive Hong Kong operator. He carries cloaked toxic ‘Gu’ mines injected with a compound that injures opponents and limits their speed. Looking at his gear he has seven vials of toxin but that seems a little overkill. If he does then Lesion could a very potent weapon for slowing an attacking team down during the dying seconds.

Next up is Ying, the only attacker of the bunch. She’s got an ability that fans have been absolutely crying out for. She’s essentially Fuze but with non-lethal flash charges. They can either be anchored to surfaces, as per Fuze, or rolled out as a grenade so they can be flung under doors without risk of attack. These so-called Candela charges could be a bit of a game changer if used correctly, and a deadly tool in a rapid breaching team’s arsenal.

Lastly, we’ve got the defensive Polish operator Ela. She’s kind of a mix between Echo and Lesion, equipped with Grzmot proximity mines that can be attached to surfaces. When triggered they impair hearing and cause a dizzying effect, exactly like Echo’s drone. I can’t help but feel this makes Echo all but redundant. His drone’s decent but you’re vulnerable while using it. Now, pretty much the same effect can be achieved in funnelled traps or directly down your line of sight.

Shoutout to all the folks on Reddit angry that she’s got green hair. You’re hilarious. These operators are pulling eight-foot steel walls out their ass and yet green hair is the breaking point. One even said it was ‘virtue signaling from Ubisoft’, as if dyed hair colour is a societal issue. Keep banging that drum.

Lastly, a further leak has suggested that all ACOG scopes will be getting removed from defenders. The aim is to reduce spawn killing. In particular, Jager’s potent 416-C Carbine. This will also have an effect on Rook and Doc’s P90’s, Smoke’s SMG and Bandit’s MP7. I can’t see this making a great deal of difference, to be honest; MP5’s with a holographic sight tend to just as accurate.

The three new operators and the new Theme Park map will be arriving as part of Operation Blood Orchid on August 29th. We can expect a full reveal during Gamescom's Rainbow Six Pro League final, which takes place from August 25-26.