Here at GD, the majority of the community are PC players. There are a few console gamers lurking about, but the overwhelming number of people here are interested in all things PC gaming. But it wasn’t always that way for all of us. A select few came out the womb with a keyboard and mouse, their first word to their dad was ‘Gabe’. But for a large chunk, there was a transition from console gaming to becoming predominantly a PC gamer.

The reasons are many and varied, of course, and avid gamers invested in the hobby quickly tend to want the best of the best, as happens with all enthusiasts. On PC there’s the greatest variety of options, from  PC components and peripherals to the online stores where we buy our games. There’s also potential to own a PC many times more powerful than a console, or hooked up to three screens, or heck, being a strategy gamer who doesn’t want to touch a gamepad with a 10-foot bargepole.

But at some point, thousands of GD’ers made that switch from console to PC. This switch is rarely without problems. You’re potentially trading a plug and play box for an exhaustive list of individual components that need putting together, software installed, and all the associated fiddliness. It’s much simpler these days, but it’s still not quite as simple as putting a disc.

So to help those using GD to figure out a potential build, taking their very first steps into PC gaming, here’s a spot where can all share our best tips. Things to look out for, any common problems you think they might stumble on; just about anything that could help make their first steps into PC gaming a little bit easier.

I’m going to start things off, and I’m all about the games, games, games. Going to Steam is no longer a reliable option if you want the cheapest games. For AAA launch games, keep an eye for GreenManGaming who sometimes offer as much as 25% off. Before you buy any game though, run it through first to get an overview of the cheapest place to buy it (excluding the grey market).

Over to you now. What are your top tips for console gamers moving to PC? Let us know below!

Our Favorite Comments
"Only one tip: for the love of god please don't play shooters with a wired controller that's the whole point of going to pc (I'm looking at you my bro.)"
"My top tip would be to visit GD to learn from all these top tips and bookmark Game-Debate in your browser and engage often in this wonderful community :D"