While Codemasters has added VR support to Dirt Rally, they seem to be hesitant about adding VR to their recent F1 2017. F1 2017 launched three days back on Xbox One, PS4 and PC but the company seems to be reticent about bringing the game to VR, largely due to the huge amount of extra development F1 2017 would require to get Virtual Reality to work with it.

Codemasters' Creative Director Lee Mather spoke to a media outlet regarding this, saying that they have given heavy consideration to VR but they have held back since the game requires a seated experience and the gamer would have to process a lot of information with the on screen display. They would have to develop an entirely new game rather than simply porting it.

He was also excited about the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X saying that the improvements in the latest ones will ultimately benefit the older generation as well. Xbox One will run the game at full 1080p at 60fps per second due to checkerboard rendering. 

While elaborating on the racing game niche Lee went on to explain why F1 2017 stands out.

"We're a niche within a niche to a degree." Lee begins "Racing games are a niche in themselves, and we are unique within that and that's our big selling point. We aren't just a racing game; we're a representation of a full sport." With no other main stream challengers in this F1 racing category, any formula 1 enthusiasts who fancy getting behind the virtual wheel will have to pick up one of Codemaster's releases. But with so many years under their belt, Codemasters provide the official F1 game release each year and it seems like they keep pushing hard to enhance their releases. Which could be tough without direct competition showing you another way of doing things.

What are your thoughts regarding F1 2017? Did you buy the game? If so, how was your experience so far? Let us know!

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"wow. The most likely gametype that should get VR support.. Racing games are the best VR capable games"