Total War Warhammer 2 Serpent God Edition Unboxed

Written by Felix Nova on Wed, Aug 30, 2017 11:00 AM
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A change is coming. Sotek the deliverer, God of the Serpents and War has arrived. Well nearly. If you love the Slaan race and cant wait to get to play them in TW Warhammer 2 you may well be tempted by the Special Edition Serpent God Edition. Its a physical boxed edition wrapped in faux lizard skin. It even has stone glyph effects similar to those on Lord Mazdamundi’s headdress. Take a look at the unboxing of the Serpent God Special Edition video to see if you want to spend 99.99 on 28th September, TWW2 release date.

Lets see what you get for your 100 bucks when you pre-order this Total warhammer 2 special edition physical box set.

  • Obviously the lovely Serpent God ‘lizard skin’ tome packaging
  • An embossed metal case
  • The integrated art book
  • An exclusive strategy guide
  • A total warhammer 2 sticker sheet
  • A canvas map with exclusive lizardmen artwork
  • A stone effect puzzle sphere
  • Some carved bone effect totems shaped like teeth
  • And Saurus Blade. A USB with black library E-Books on it
  • Plus the pre-order bonus of Norsca faction for the original Total War Warhammer

Total War Warhammer 2 Serpent God Special Edition Unboxing Video

How do you feel about that lot? There is no denying that their marketing is lovely. And while I get drawn towards it, wishing I could mindlessly spend £100 on a super lovely box and related goodies, I just cant. I have to slap my face and shake it off.

So here is a question to you all, what will make you buy a special edition boxed version of a game? Because I really dont know what would get me to do it. I think i would just have to be mind-numbingly rich. But I am sure there are other gamers that just embrace it. They love a game and they go all in. Buying the special edition of a game they are hugely passionate about is just part of that enjoyment. And probably fuels the upward spiral of their love for that game. And a part of me is jealous of that approach. Where do you sit with this?

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18:02 Aug-30-2017

Pre-ordered Warhammer 2 from Amazon and still no Norsca DLC code... Conatcted SEGA, CA started thread on on Total War forums and guess what? ^%$%^ all! This is what SEGA is like.

01:47 Aug-31-2017

perhaps when you redeem the game you will get the norsca dlc?
either-ways i am sorry for your inconvenience.

06:06 Aug-31-2017

You don't pay any money when you Pre-Order through Amazon, so of course they aren't going to give anything out. Otherwise everyone would use the system to get it for free. You'll get it when you redeem the game.

admin approved badge
12:13 Aug-30-2017

100 doesn't even sound that much. That looks cool.

06:07 Aug-31-2017

I know, 150 is usually the prices for stuff like this, this one is reasonable. Probably sold out though.


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