Egosoft announced the sequel to their space explorer series known as "X", where players travel through space, building their own empires. The series was an incredible, deep experience up until they released their last title, X3 Rebirth. Which was... well crap. But, that was 2013 and this is 4 years on.

Set in the depths of an enormous galaxy, X4 Foundations will enable you to start by piloting a little ship around finding trade deals, dodging pirates, building reputation until eventually buying your own armada to control the space lanes of whatever area you decide to build a base to call home.

Devs highlighted the changes coming up in this continuation of their X Series. The AI has a lot more capability to operate on its own, whether managing your base or piloting one of the many ships of your fleet. The game start will be different for everyone because of the new factions, which change the universe. Players can fly any ship whether it is a fighter, bomber or freighter buying more and more and upgrading them as you go.

The X Series is one that is full of potential and the earlier games, with dozens of mods and expansions really pushed that, drawing single player space sim and exploration fans in from all across the world.

But don't let me spoil everything, check out the well-detailed announcement trailer below:

If only a game existed which had space exploration and Star Wars combined.

What are your thoughts regarding X4? Does it look interesting to you? Let us know!