This week, the cacophony of noise coming out of console-ville has been deafening, and there’s only been one topic of conversation - Destiny 2. Activision and Bungie’s MMO-lite shooter is a genuine gaming event, the sort of title we only get once in a blue moon that seems to get just about everyone talking about it, whether they love it or hate it. While millions felt burned by the original Destiny, there were others who persevered and insisted to anyone that would listen that despite all its faults, Destiny was incredible.

To those, like me, who bounced off after 15 hours, the reaction was often one of puzzlement. Then there are those who never played the original Destiny at all, a not uncommon situation here on GD, a predominantly PC-focused community.

So when Bungie announced Destiny 2 was coming to PC, the reaction was tepid, to say the least. The bigwigs at Activision had clearly opted to skip PC entirely for the original, and now when the sequel comes along they finally decide to throw us a bone. Despite Bungie hitting the reset button on the story though, it was always going to be a big ask for PC gamers to just jump into the sequel with no prior knowledge.

From the outside peering in, there’s no doubting the general aura cast over the Destiny franchise has been one of negativity. With the sequel, Bungie has attempted to right many of the wrongs of the original, yet stuck to much the same formula in the same breath. It’s still a lightweight campaign jimmied in alongside dozens of loot runs and assorted co-op open-world activities. A sort of endless Borderlands; players on a non-stop quest for the best loot. In theory Destiny 2 is a great fit for PC, but whether PC players actually want to lay down $60 for a copy is a different matter entirely.

The good news is that, despite the six-week wait for the PC version, by then we’ll have a very decent idea of whether Destiny 2 is worth our cash. Millions of console players will have shared their opinions and we should be able to make an educated decision before parting with our money.

Destiny 2 is a massive deal then, but can it become a massive deal on PC? Are you planning on buying Destiny 2, or do you think it won’t find a PC audience when there’s dozens of other games that can offer a similar experience already? Let us know your thoughts and plan for Destiny 2 below!

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