Chaos Rising Announces New Units

Written by Felix Nova on Wed, Jan 13, 2010 9:51 AM
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Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising are getting a couple of new units. Both are available at Tier 2, but where as the Brood are completely new elite melee infantry units, the Tyrant Guards will completely replace Screamer Killer unit.

The Nids will actually be getting two units with the coming of Chaos Rising...

Tyranids – Tyrant Guard

Tyranids actually benefit from two new units in the Chaos Rising expansion, but the Tyrant Guard will replace an existing unit. In the summer of 2009 we released a major update to the multiplayer game called ‘There is Only War’ in which we introduced a new Tier 2 version of the Carnifex – the ‘Screamer Killer’. Dawn of War II and Chaos Rising owners will have this unit replaced by a completely new unit, the Tyrant Guard. These are creatures that seem to serve as a living shield, a protector, for vital locations or important Tyranid units.

Unit: Tyrant Guard, a large durable melee unit that moves faster in synapse. Can use the Shieldwall ability which regenerates health and reduces incoming damage.

Availability: Tier 2


Rampage – Charge at a targeted location, knocking over everything in the Tyrant Guard’s path.
Shieldwall – Increase the Tyrant Guard’s health regeneration but temporarily disable the unit.
The Tyrant Guard is a slow lumbering unit unless it is within range of a synapse creature, where its movements are significantly faster. Its greatest strength is its ability to absorb a high amount of damage and recover from wounds by using its Shieldwall ability. An opponent that underestimates your Tyrant Guard may find themselves caught off guard as it Rampages into the front lines of his forces. It is certainly a worthy successor to the Screamer Killer it is replacing.

Tyranids - Genestealer Brood

A completely new addition to the Tyranids in Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising is the Genestealer Brood, elite melee infantry units that are known for their agility in close combat. These are the infiltrators for the Tyranid forces, used to locate areas of biomass and then signal the Hive Fleet which will then move in to harvest.

Unit: Genestealer Brood, an elite Melee unit that infiltrates after staying still for a period of time.

Availability: Tier 2


Adrenal Rush – Enter a frenzied state with improved movement and damage. Attacking enemies in this state also restores the Genestealers’ health.


Rending Claws – Requires Tier 3, this upgrade increases the melee damage of the unit.
Genestealers are a potent melee force that can infiltrate, letting the enemy come to them or allowing Genestealers to attack from an unexpected direction. All it takes is a short period of inactivity for this unit to blend in with their surroundings. They will remain infiltrated as long as they do not move or attack. Hapless enemies that wander by are shredded, and in the process can also serve to restore Genestealer health if the Adrenal Rush ability is in use. Adrenal Rush will also reduce incoming ranged damage, and allow these units to stay alive if they need to close the distance to the enemy lines. Genestealers remain an elite melee threat into the late game with the Rending Claws upgrade that increases their overall damage and makes them more effective against vehicles. The Genestealer Brood is sure to have players checking over their shoulders when Chaos Rising is released.

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