Update: Popular YouTube streamer Pewdiepie has published a video apologising for his use of racist language while live streaming PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. The video, called 'My Response', features Felix 'Pewdiepie' Kjellberg apologising for his actions, admitting the language was "extremely immature and stupid", saying "he hates how he personally fed into that part of gaming."

It's obviously a tricky topic for Pewdiepie to broach, and he's not making any excuses, rather owning up to the mistake and hopefully moving on. "I really want to improve myself and better myself, not just for me, but for anyone who's influenced by me."

Original Story: 11-Sep-2017 - PewDiePie Uses Racial Slur During PUBG Livestream - Facing YouTube DMCA Takedown Notices

PewDiePie, the most popular gaming YouTuber in the world, used a racial slur during a live stream of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, prompting widespread condemnation. Firewatch developer Campo Santo has even issued a DMCA takedown notice on YouTube for any of PewDiePie’s videos related to Firewatch or any future games from the studio.

As shown in the clip below, Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg can be heard saying the following after being killed in PUBG: “What a f**king n****r! Geez! Oh my god! What the f**k? Sorry, but what the f**k?. I don’t mean that in a bad way.”

Predictably, the controversy has really blown up overnight. Campo Santo’s Sean Vanaman was one of the first to take a stand though, saying the studio would be “filing a DMCA takedown of PewDiePie's Firewatch content and any future Campo Santo games.”  A fair enough stance if you don’t want your work to be associated with racism, although some would question whether it's Campo Santo's right to remove the video.

“I am sick of this child getting more and more chances to make money off of what we make,” Vanaman goes on. “He's worse than a closeted racist: he's a propagator of despicable garbage that does real damage to the culture around this industry. I'd urge other developers & will be reaching out to folks much larger than us to cut him off from the content that has made him a millionaire.”

Since then, PewDiePie’s Firewatch YouTube video has been taken down, although it’s unclear whether was a preemptive move by PewDiePie or as a result of a DMCA takedown.

This isn’t the first time PewDiePie has courted controversy either. Earlier this year Disney severed all ties with Kjellberg over claims on anti-Semitism when he paid children on Fiver to hold up a sign saying ‘Death to all Jews’, while other videos have contained Nazi references.

It’s a bad move at the best of times, made worse by having 57 million subscribers eager to listen. It's all of a bit of a mess surrounding the YouTube star, who earns an estimated $15m a year, and raises a couple of interesting points - Firstly, are racial slurs become normalised among the gaming community? And secondly, should Campo Santo have the right to retrospectively issue a takedown notice for PewDiePie's Firewatch playthrough?

Let us know your thoughts below and please, please keep it sensible or we'll, unfortunately, have to lock the comments.

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