3D Realms, the creators of Duke Nukem, are now developing a new IP - Earth No More, which is being described as a first-person shooter.

3D Realms are going through tough times. Having lost the trust of certain publishers while a handful of major titles have been passed over to other developers. But they are now displaying signs of a come back with Earth No More. Heres how...

Resurgence of 3D Realms!

The game is set in post-apocalyptic era on the Radar Group, also publishing the title, and is going to be the first major title under 3D Realms since Prey.

The game was initiated back in 2007 by Recoil Games who started the game to rival Mass Effect but was later passed on to 3D Realms; which was then put on the back-burner for financial reasons. After a frustrating gap they have rekindled the project with the help of crowdfundings.

Something more about the game, "Mankind's relentless destruction of Earth awakens a biological response from deep within the planet's crust that threatens an environmental apocalypse." 3D Realms wants to mark it's comeback with this huge title and expect them to do so with force.

3D Realms' Prey 2 was transferred to Radar Group, who are managers of many games but even they couldn't cope with the game's strenuous production schedule and they gave the rights to Bethesda Softworks. This year Bethesda publicly announced that Prey 2 would not be shelved, despite growing concerns that even Bethesda would not be able to bring the title to market. Felix saw a gameplay demo for Prey 2 at E3 2011 and named it his game of the show. GD are optimistic that Prey 2 will be released at some point next year, but at this point we can only...Pray. Sorry, I had to!

News on Earth No More is still scarce but be sure GD will let you in when there's more.

So, are you excited for 3D Realms' upcoming game? Or are you tired of post-apocalyptic games and want Prey 2 instead? Let us know with your comments below!