Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 has just blasted onto store shelves across all platforms and FIFA 18 is due imminently. Now it’s time for what is an annual conundrum for many of us footie fans - which one to go for?

The last few years on PC the choice has been easy. Konami has been serving up an offensively trite PC port of the PlayStation 3 version, while FIFA has always the latest up to the date version on PC. The only logical reason to go PES was due to the toaster-baiting system requirements, which have jumped up significantly this year with the move to the update Fox Engine.

PES 2018 lacks a lot when it comes to official licensing, but it does have the ace in the hole that is official Champion’s League licensing. Bournemouth fans may have to deal with playing as South England Reds, but the likes of Man City, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich are all present and correct.

New to Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 this year is strategic dribbling, allowing skilled players to better shield the ball and make more subtle movements. Set pieces have also been improved with a new free kick and penalty kick system. In an effort to get in on the story mode action, PES 2018’s Master League also includes pre-match interviews, locker room clips and more.

FIFA 18 meanwhile has pretty much everything but the Champions League, including official teams and player likenesses for practically every major league across the globe. It’s also got the endorsement of none other than Cristiano Ronaldo, who has lent his silky skills to an animation upgrade. Aside from this, the changes are pretty minor this time around. There are new team styles such as high press and tiki-tika for master tacticians, while the story of Alex Hunter will also continue.

Ultimately though, regardless of the new features and the graphical upgrades, which to buy out of PES 2018 and FIFA 18 is going to come down to which plays the better game of football. Depicting the same sport, the two have historically taken very different approaches.

So if you’ve got £50 to blow on a football game this month, which are you choosing out of FIFA 18 or PES 2018, and why?

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