Going back to old games can be a distressing business. Those classics you think you remember with pin-sharp clarity, embedded in a warm fuzz of nostalgia, can all too often reveal themselves to be hideous pieces of junk. For examples look no further than just about any early 3D third-person action games. In the fast-moving world of video games, it can be very easy to get left behind. Going back to play the original Splinter Cell can be an excruciating business.

But for all the games that age overnight like pears, there are a few immortals that somehow stand the test of time. In hindsight, we should’ve recognised these games for being considerably better than their peers. As the years roll by, these greats just somehow never lose their edge.

I think the best way to open this discussion up is for us to put forward one old game each that we consider timeless, as well as one relatively modern game that you believe won’t be destroyed by the encroaching creep of time.

One of the older games that refuses to age for me is Roller Coaster Tycoon 2. While the rest of the RTS and management world was obsessing over 3D (this was the year of WarCraft 3 and Age of Mythology ), Chris Sawyer stuck to his guns with RCT2, offering up a classic isometric style. It oozes with personality, while from a gameplay standpoint the grid-based system is perfect for slotting together intricate rollercoasters and surveying your park.

For my modern game, I’m going to have to go with Rocket League. There’s a level of purity there, and a slickness to its feel, that ensures that like the ball kicking variant it draws so much from, Rocket League will surely never grow old. It’s the Tetris of the 21st century and it’ll no doubt help that Psyonix hasn’t become over preoccupied with realistic visuals.

Over to you now, which older game do you consider absolutely timeless? And which newer game do you think you’ll still enjoy playing in 20 years time? Share your choices below!